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Why use Core Flex as an alternative?

Core Flex Alliance provides your business or organization with lump sum relocation and other comprehensive relocation solutions.
Office, Lump Sum Relocation

Providing a lump sum of money to an employee to relocate is becoming increasingly popular. As the Millennial Generation increases their presence in the work force, corporations have to adjust their institutions to this new demographic.

Gen-Tech employees are very familiar with gathering information and planning their own services on the internet and in most cases, prefer to do just that. Technology and the access to information have made Lump Sum services much easier to manage than it once was.

Our Core Flex Alliance offers a unique platform to further facilitate Lump Sum services by helping companies support employees moving on these programs with our team of relocation professionals.

Cost Containment

Lump sum relocation policies allow HR and cost centers to establish budgets and a set cost for relocation services and keep costs within those guidelines. 

Administration Reduction

Using a lump sum policy for employee relocation reduces the administration burden to HR departments and payroll by handing-off cost allocation and budgeting to the employee.



Lump sum relocation policy places responsibility for budgeting and cost control on the employees. Employees must take ownership over their own decisions and budgets. Our Alliance ensures that very high quality relocation experts are partnered with them to help guide them through the process.



Employees like making their own decisions and choices. Many have grown up with internet transparency and they want to use technology at work. This has made them empowered and resourceful. Lump sum policies allow them to make their own relocation decisions, using innovations like our relocation app and other resources.

In an era where an increasing share of employees are well-travelled and familiar with planning their own services on the internet, lump sums now make much more sense than they once did. Modern employees are choosing lump sums for their relocations.


Relocation Specialists

With our cafeterial style of relocation services, we provide you with an experienced and knowledgeable professional to meet all of your specific needs. Our team offers you reliable and practical relocation solutions and innovations in every aspect of the field. We can direclty provide or source any aspect of relocation:


• Legal
• Moving
• Rental
• Staging
• Mortgage
• Pet Moving
• Real Estate
• Auto Hauling
• Home Inspection
• Temporary Accommodation
• Policy Design Bench Marking
• Smartphone & Web Support
• Direct Contact 
• Control in All Services